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Luxembourg Database on Sudden Cardiac Events in Sports Participants

Dear athletes,


Sports-related sudden cardiac death in the general population is more frequent than many suspect and concerns both untrained individuals and well-trained athletes with no previously known cardiac disease. Luckily, they often occur in a predictable setting, allowing for quick interventions and increased survival. Indeed, the number of cases in Luxembourg is estimated at 3 per year. A very recent estimate of a phenomenon still little known and very little followed in Luxembourg.


Aware of the current lack of systematic information, the SRMCV and the Laboratory of Sports Medicine of the Luxembourg Institute of Health have joined forces to create the platform www.cardiac-event-sport.lu


The general aim is to determine the sports-related cardiac event (SCE) burden in Luxembourg and recommend appropriate risk mitigation strategies.


If you have witnessed or experienced a SCE during or immediately after a sport activity, we kindly ask you to complete this short questionnaire in order to contribute to the Luxembourg database. Any personal information reported to us will be handled with strict confidentiality. Information regarding the sports-related SCE will only be used after written informed consent has been obtained from the victim or her family. This project has been approved by the National Ethics Committee for Research and the database has been declared to the National Data Protection Commission.


For more information, you may visit our dedicated website www.cardiac-event-sport.lu

Our researchers also presented the study recently on RTL Radio: http://radio.rtl.lu/emissiounen/10-bis-1/1537016.html/


We are at your disposal for any question by mail or by telephone.


Thank you in advance for your contribution and may we ask you to kindly forward this message to your sports club, sports federation, friends and concerned witnesses or victims.

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Cases of SCE must meet the following conditions:

WHAT: any major cardiac adverse event with or without loss of consciousness

WHEN: event having taken place during or up to one hour after a sports activity
WHERE: on the territory of Luxembourg or outside Luxembourg by a Luxembourgish resident or sports license holder
Why is it important to report SCE during sports?

Since a genetic component may be involved in SCE, first degree relatives of SCE victims are strongly recommended to have their own risk evaluated through specialised tests. Once we know of a new case, we will be able to provide all pertinent information to his/her family. Furthermore, to date Luxembourg does not possess a regular data base on cardiac problems during sports activities. With your help, we will be able to improve prevention of SCE in sports.