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Clinical gait and movement biomechanist


Clinical gait and movement biomechanist

Luxembourg Institute of Research in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Science (LIROMS)


Clinical gait and movement biomechanist (full-time) j

For our new biomechanics’ laboratory specialized in clinical gait and movement analysis, we are seeking a colleague to join a new project funded by the André Losch Fondation. You will be able to assist us in setting up the lab and develop new assessment procedures using 3D motion capture and surface EMG for our patients. You will be responsible for carrying out the tests, interpreting the results and producing the reports for the clinical team. Furthermore, you will be integrated in different research programs in collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Health.
You will report to Prof. J. Cabri, scientific director of LIROMS.


1. MSc in Physiotherapy.
2. Specialization in neurology (children and/or adults) and experience in orthopedics.
3. Interests in gait and movement biomechanics.
4. Skills and competencies in social care.
5. Experience in working with disabled persons.
6. Autonomous time and work management.
7. Languages: English and French (at least C1), knowledge of German and Luxembourgish is considered an advantage.

We offer:

Full-time position (40 hours/week).
CDI with attractive remuneration.
Motivating team of clinicians and researchers, physiotherapists and engineers.
Public transportation (bus and train) is in immediate vicinity of the building (the laboratory is located just in front of the CHL in Eich/Dommeldange).

Please, send CV and motivation letter to:

Centre Médical Fondation Norbert Metz
76, Rue d’Eich
1460 Luxembourg

Cochrane Free online event


Cochrane Free online event

Cochrane Rehabilitation 5th Anniversary

5th Anniversary: the five years of Cochrane Rehabilitation

The banner of the fifth anniversary of Cochrane Rehabilitation

Click here to register for the event!

Cochrane Rehabilitation is approaching its fifth anniversary. Much has been accomplished and new challenges are awaiting us in the future.

To celebrate our anniversary, we have decided to organize a free totally onlineevent that will cover three days: the 13th14th, and 16th of December 2021.

December 13-14, 2021

This meeting will cover two days with different time zones, to allow those living in different areas of the world to be able to attend. The event is focused on walking through what has been done over the past five years by Cochrane Rehabilitation, through a conversation with those who have collaborated, are collaborating, or are an active part of our organization. It will be structured around a series of interviews with prominent speakers on a diversity of important topics. Young and knowledgeable faces from the Cochrane Rehabilitation family will conduct the interviews. There will be dedicated Q&A time to engage with the various speakers.

December 16, 2021

The second part of the event is focused on the future of Cochrane Rehabilitation. The aim is to collect information, insights, and suggestions from and with participants to outline what Cochrane Rehabilitation could be and do in the next five years. After an introduction, the core of the event consists of six different workshops, taking place simultaneously, focusing on specific topics important for the world of rehabilitation. In these sessions, you can participate actively. There will be some facilitators to moderate the discussion and a rapporteur who will report what has been discussed in a plenary session, followed by a conclusion of the event. In the registration form, you can give two preferences in order to reserve your place in your favorite workshop!

You can see the programme here.

Click here to download the brochure.

Here is the link to the event registration form.

Soirée de formation Knife


Soirée de formation Knife [embeddoc url= » »]

World Physiotherapy- Call for Network Facilitators


World Physiotherapy- Call for Network Facilitators

Future Network – a network for physiotherapist students and early career professionals

Call for Network Facilitators

Are you passionate about physiotherapy, interested in making a difference by representing your region, and connecting with the global physiotherapy community?

If you are a student or early career physiotherapist with energy and enthusiasm to engage with others, World Physiotherapy Future has an exciting and rewarding opportunity for you as a network facilitator.

As a network facilitator, you will have a chance to:

  • represent your region on the world stage
  • contribute to discussions in the profession
  • help amplify the voice of physiotherapy students and early career professionals
  • create engaging social media
  • develop your career and contacts with the global physiotherapy profession. World Physiotherapy Future is seeking facilitators from the following WorldPhysiotherapy regions:
  • Africa: 2 Facilitators
  • Asia Western Pacific: 1 Facilitator
  • Europe: 1 Facilitator
  • North America Caribbean: 1 Facilitators

The Future Network is for physiotherapy students and early career professionals. The aim of the network is to engage physiotherapist students and early career professionals with World Physiotherapy and their member organisations, encouraging, promoting and facilitating the interchange of ideas and activities of common interest.


All World Physiotherapy member organisations within the Africa, Asia Western Pacific, Europe and North America Caribbean regions and World Physiotherapy social media channels.

We are seeking recommendations for individuals from World Physiotherapy member organisations and applications from individuals who need to have the support of their World Physiotherapy member organisation.


Recommend/support individuals who could take on a leadership role within the network. More than one recommendation is welcomed from any organisation and World Physiotherapy will appoint from among the recommendations/applications.


Complete the online survey; Responses are required by 29 January 2021.

Informal enquiries:

Please contact Rachael Thomson at World Physiotherapy rthomson@world.physiopage2image23258880page2image23256384

Network facilitator

Job description:

  •   support the network by contacting and engaging with student physiotherapists and early career professionals in their region
  •   serve for a period of 2 years, renewable for one further period of 2 years (ie no more than 4 years in total)
  •   be an active contributor on World Physiotherapy Future’s social media platforms
  •   be available to contribute to regular teleconferencesPerson specification:
    •   physiotherapy student or early career professional (see definitions below)
    •   active, effective and professional engagement with their World Physiotherapy memberorganisation, where eligible for membership
    •   good connections and engagement with other physiotherapy students and early careerprofessionals
    •   active and effective communicator on social media platforms, specifically Facebook,Twitter and/or Instagram
    •   track record of delivering projects on time and gaining the support of others
  • DefinitionsStudentStudents enrolled on a physiotherapy professional entry level programme:
      • who, where eligible, are members of World Physiotherapy member organisation as a student member; and/or
      • who are eligible to join the national World Physiotherapy member organisation once qualified
  • Early career professional
  • Early career physiotherapist with less than 6 years’ experience and a member of a national World Physiotherapy member organisation.
  • Find more information on the Future Network:Website: Facebook: Twitter:

Vente Table Bobath


Vente Table Bobath

A vendre table Bobath électrique , 2 plans, 200×120 .
Bon état , à l’exception d’une petite perforation du revêtement cf photo). 280 Eur

Veuillez consulter le documents ci-dessous, dans le chapitre  Normes de qualité – infrastructures, Article 9


Veuillez consulter le documents ci-dessous, dans le chapitre  Normes de qualité – prise en charge, Article 10

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Contenu d’accordéon
Contenu d’accordéon




Voici les instructions du MS.
La livraison du matériel nécessaire ne devrait pas tarder. Il est absolument inutile qu’un chacun essaie de prendre contact avec les autorités, cela ne fait que ralentir le système.

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Offre d’emploi


Offre d’emploi

Kinisithérapeute sucht ab November Mittwoch und Freitag Vormittags (im Zeitrahmen 7h bis 14h) fixe Anstellung im Cabinet/ Altenheim/ Behindertenheim

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